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Representative Michael More


Gallatin River


Montana Statehouse

Please help elect Mike to represent
District 65 in 2014!

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." - Thomas Jefferson

MORE prosperity and economic opportunity Ė for all
MORE energy freedom through wise stewardship of our natural resources
MORE of our earnings kept by those who earn it
MORE defense of family and community values
MORE opportunity to hunt, fish and recreate in our beautiful state

As a resident of Gallatin County since 1991, and a homeowner in Gallatin Gateway since 1996, I have a fervent love for the pristine beauty of Godís Creation in this magnificent corner of Big Sky Country. As a hunter, a fisherman, skier, hiker and windsurfer, I frequently make the most of it! As a man who has designed and built his own log home with the help of friends and family, I strongly believe in the American dream that each of us should have the right and the opportunity to pursue his or her own destiny. Unfortunately, such opportunities seemingly grow fewer with each passing year as our personal liberties and free market opportunities are further restricted.

My goal as a Montana State Legislator is to ensure that Montana’s economic portfolio reflects business and resource management that does not require taxpayer subsidies at any level. I will also work to defend property rights across the spectrum and make sure that Montana’s families’ education and freedom are continually protected from government intrusion. I pledge to work tirelessly on behalf of these goals and to represent the people of HD 65 with dignity, honor, and integrity.

In my professional experience as an educator, in sales, and in the construction trades here in Gallatin County, I believe Montanans want to enjoy:
Vote For More!

  • Self-determination as people in pursuit of the Common Good.
  • Principle of Subsidiarity that allows decisions to be made at the lowest level possible by those who will be most directly affected by those decisions.
  • Property and income tax relief offered by a stronger business and economic environment, which would include tax incentives for small business owners.
  • Greater opportunities to utilize the natural resources at their disposal including Montana's extensive coal and oil reserves.
  • The heritage of great hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation in Montana, and the right to bear arms in accordance with the 2nd Amendment.
  • The opportunity to work together to make sure Montana remains the great freedom-loving state of those who established it through their hard-work and perseverance!       

Michael More
Montana State Legislator candidate, 65th District

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government." - Thomas Jefferson